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Filtralite possesses a unique porosity that gives the benefit of longer filter runs at higher filtration velocities. Filtralite provides more water for less cost, simply by replacing existing filter media. Check out our solutions:

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Filtralite Products

Filtralite offers a solution for all kind of water treatments. Our range of products is adapted to any need depending on the treatment plant and its properties. Filtralite is used for both physical filtration and biological treatment of water.

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Case studies

Filtralite has been treating water for more than 20 years, in over 40 countries. Below is a selection of our references:

Filtralite in London How Thames Water reinvented its fast sand filter
Bedrichov Water Treatment Plant A farewell to sand filters
Vestfjorden Sewage Plant (Veas) At the entrance of the beautiful Oslo fjord cleans the sewage from 600 000 people
Filtralite Fredrikstad Fredrikstad Waterworks in southeastern Norway has an annual water production of 15 mill. cubic metres and supplies the municipalities Fredrikstad and Hvaler
Hong Kong Biological drinking water treatment in Hong Kong
Upper Uvdal wastewater treatment plant - Filter bed The treatment plant is dimensioned and built by: HACO Hydrogeologi og avløpskompetanse as,
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