The Ponts de Cé drinking water production plant produces an average of 60,000 m3 per day with water from the Loire river and from its alluvial aquifer.

A pilot test was carried out in 2019: Filtralite® Pure Mono-Multi, a dual media filter bed based on expanded clay, was installed in one filter. Those tests showed that the run lengths were longer in the Filtralite filter: they went from an average of 20 hours of filtration between two backwashes to up to 60 hours of filtration between two backwashes, which significantly reduced water loss.

The Water and Sanitation Department of Angers Loire Métropole decided to implement Filtralite in all 11 filters of lines n°1 and n°2 in 2021.

The Ponts de Cé plant is the first plant in France to operate with a Filtralite® dual media solution. For this solution, two Filtralite® Pure products, of different densities and sizes, are combined to increase run lengths and plant production capacity, while reducing water loss.