A new filtering media for the air purification system

The filter material used by Novozymes  was challenging:  it was difficult to breed uniformly with water and demanded a high power consumption for the operation of the ventilation system. Indeed, the pressure drop across the filter material was relatively large. Thus, the air purification filter was a limiting factor for their production.

Specialist Anders P. Jensen from Novozymes examined the filter materials market in 2005, hoping to find a better suitable filter material for cleaning the process air from their plant in Kalundborg.  He discovered that Filtralite® Air was already used as a filter material for air purification at Daka a.m.b.a. in both Randers and Hedensted(DK).

Therefore, Novozymes decided to replace their previous filter material with Filtralite® Air 4-10. This robust product, due to its well-sorted grain size, produces a relatively small pressure loss and has a surface area of 580 m2/m3.

Quick and easy implementation with important savings

The new filter material of Filtralite® Air 4-10 was seeded with some of the old filter material after replacement. By doing so, it was ensured that the air-purifying bacteria were transferred to the new filter material, and at the same time it was expected to help a quick start of the biological air purification process.

In the months after commissioning of the new filter material, Filtralite® Air 4-10, one could note the following:

  • low and stable pressure loss
  • more uniform humidity of the filter material
  • better air purification
  • greater capacity
  • monthly savings of 100,000 kwh
  • successful replacement
  • really good investment.

After 5 years of operation, according to Novozymes specialist Anders P. Jensen, the filter material remains an effective and stable filter material in the biological air purification process for their production facilities in Kalundborg.

At delivery they were approx. 350 m3 of Filtralite® Air 4-10 blown into the application site using the blower equipment that is standard on blowing trucks. A fast and efficient delivery method with a capacity of approx. 1 m3 Filtralite® Air 4-10 / min.