In 2009, the Palmachim Desalination plant in Israel planned to increase the production capacity by 50 %.

Filtralite® Pure increases production by 50% and saves operation costs

After a series of pilot trials it was decided that Filtralite Pure was to be installed in the pre-treatment filters. This was the first full scale desalination plant in Israel to use Filtralite Pure. The installation of Filtralite Pure in the dual media filters shows that the production capacity could be increased by 50 % without building new filters.

When Filtralite Pure was installed, they could increase filtration velocity from 7 m/h to 12 m/h. Runtime between backwashes increased from 30 hours to 200 hours and biofouling of the RO membranes was reduced. Silt density index ~2.0, sometimes as low as 1.5. In the past they used Cartridge of 20 microns and those were changed every month.

Now Palmachim uses Cartridge filters of 5 microns and the Cartridges filters are changed twice a year. Savings for the Cartridge filters only amounts to 300.000 €/year, with total savings of millions of Euros.