With Filtralite® filter media, made of lightweight expanded clay aggregates, you can do more with less - more pure water with less energy, less space and without rebuilding existing facilities. Check out our solutions for water treatment:

Designed for drinking water plants and pretreatment for desalination, Filtralite® Pure is a filter media suitable for both physical filtration and biological treatment.

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Designed for wastewater treatment plants and treatment of industrial waters, Filtralite® Clean is a filter media suitable for both biological treatment and tertiary filtration.

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Filtralite® Nature has been designed for onsite water remediation, including treatment of effluent water and removal of phosphorus.

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Filtralite Air

Designed for efficiently removing odour, Filtralite Air is a premium filtering product suitable for air and gas purification plants.

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At the Angers (France) drinking water treatment plant, the dual solution Filtralite Mono Multi was selected for the full first line of filtration.

In this video, you can follow the different steps of this project:

- Results from the full-scale pilot test

- Interview with the plant manager

- And the different steps from sand removal to its substitution by our dual-layer solution.