Filtralite Air

Pure air is a necessity for comfortable living. Odours from industry, farming, and wastewater treatment can be purified with biofilm in bio filters.

With its unique porosity, Filtralite® Air Filter Material is conducive to biofilm growth and allows air to flow through the filter bed in order to retain and adsorb more odours. This feature allows for larger volumes of air to be filtered through the same volume as contact area is increased. Our products also decrease operation costs due to high storage capacity and low pressure loss over time.

Filtralite® Air filter media is an innovative and premium filtering product tailored to meet tomorrow’s needs.


What is the advantage of using Filtralite® Air Filter Material?

  • Stable structure – does not collapse
  • Durable and resistant natural clay mineral material without any hazardous or artificial components.
  • Low weight means reduced construction, filling and removal costs. The horizontal and vertical pressure on walls and structure is 5 times lower than that of ordinary mineral materials.
  • Defined product – Well-defined grading.
  • Good storage capacity for biofilm and excellent permeability results in low pressure loss and long service life.
  • Large surface area results in an efficient carrier for biofilm.
  • Water reservoir – the porous structure absorbs and holds water which improves the efficiency of water trickling.
  • An adsorbent with good properties will help bio-filtration. Filtralite Air Filter Material has sorption capacity towards H2S so the filter will start removing odour even before the biofilm is established.

The simple principle of treating odour is to pump the gas through a filter media upstream or downstream with water sprinkling.