With its unique porosity, Filtralite® Clean filter media offers optimum conditions for biofilm growth and for water to flow through the filter bed in order to retain and remove more contaminants. This feature, main characteristic of the lightweight expanded clay material, allows for larger volumes of water to be filtered through the same volume as contact area is increased. Our products also decrease operation costs.


Filtralite® as a biofilm carrier in fixed bed water treatment process

In biological filters, biomass is fixed to the Filtralite media, which also works well as a mechanical filter for suspended solids.

Filtralite Clean offers:

  • great specific area for biofilm growth combined to high void ratio,
  • high number of macropores,
  • a very efficient process on volumetric bases,
  • lighter density than traditional media,
  • and high resistance to abrasion.


Filtralite® in tertiary granular filters for an improved physical filtration

Filtralite Clean is also excellent for tertiary filtration.

Compared to traditional filter media, Filtralite has much higher porosity, which gives

  • lower initial head loss,
  • slower head loss build up,
  • higher particle storage capacity,
  • lower backwash rates,
  • and lower operational costs.

Existing Filtralite filters operate around 15 m/h - 20 m/h.